What we Believe

Core Doctrines

Generations Church is part of the larger body of Christ around the world. Thus, the following core doctrines unite us with other biblical Christians:

  • We believe in one God eternally existing as three persons equal in power and glory. 
  • We believe in the full deity and humanity of Jesus Christ, who died for our sins, rose from the dead, and is coming again. 
  • We believe God offers eternal life by grace through faith to all who will repent and believe on Jesus. 
  • We believe the Holy Spirit equips us for service, sanctifies us from sin, and imparts spiritual gifts for the edification of the church and the work of the ministry.
  • We believe the Bible is divinely inspired by God, reliable, authoritative, and useful for spiritual growth.   

OTHER Distinctives

Generations is a non-denominational church with a vibrantly charismatic, Spirit-filled heritage. We don't believe it's necessary to agree about everything for us to follow Jesus together -- "Unity, not uniformity, in Christ." However, the following distinctives inform our “spiritual DNA” and how we live out the gospel at Generations:

  • The baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues
  • The supernatural gifts of the Spirit active in the church today, such as prophecy, healing, and interpretation of tongues
  • The calling of both men and women to leadership and ministry in the church and to mutual submission in marriage
  • the transcendence of Christ's Kingdom above nationalism or partisan politics