What we Believe

Core Doctrines

Generations Church is part of the larger body of Christ around the world. Thus, the following core doctrines unite us with other biblical Christians:

  • We believe in one God eternally existing as three persons equal in power and glory. 
  • We believe in the full deity and humanity of Jesus Christ, who died for our sins, rose from the dead, and is coming again. 
  • We believe God offers eternal life by grace through faith to all who will repent and believe on Jesus. 
  • We believe the Holy Spirit equips us for service, sanctifies us from sin, and imparts spiritual gifts for the edification of the church and the work of the ministry.
  • We believe the Bible is divinely inspired by God, reliable, authoritative, and useful for spiritual growth.   

Secondary Doctrines

Generations is a non-denominational church with a vibrant charismatic, Spirit-filled heritage. This influences our “spiritual DNA” and how we do things. However, we believe that walking in unity is more about showing love, humility, and respect to one another than being in complete agreement with secondary doctrines. You don't need to fully agree with such doctrines to follow Jesus with us, but it's helpful to understand that many among our leadership do affirm such beliefs as:

  • The baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues
  • The supernatural gifts of the Spirit active in the church today, such as prophecy, healing, and interpretation of tongues
  • The calling of both men and women to leadership and ministry in the church and to mutual submission in marriage (egalitarianism)

Other F.A.Q.'s

When it comes to some "hot-button" issues that smart, thoughtful people can disagree on, we prefer to have a conversation rather than make a proclamation. However, the following links will help frame our position at Generations: